Insurance and Excess

All our vehicles are covered by multi-risk insurance, through by Old Mutual Botswana.

This covers:

  • injuries and damage caused to third parties (persons and property),
  • damage to the vehicle,
  • theft of the vehicle,
  • fire.

This applies if damage occurs to the vehicle during the hire, provided that the damage is not due to inappropriate driving, the breaking of driving regulations, driving beyond authorized limits or poor car maintenance (tyre inflation, the addition of coolants or other liquids).

In the event of an incident, an excess will apply. The client will be required to pay for the cost of repairs as set out in the excess policy.

The insurance does not cover :

  • damage due flooding when crossing an area of water,
  • damage to tyres and windows, deterioration to the interior of the vehicle, deterioration of equipment, except in the case of an accident.

In these cases the insurance will not apply and the client is responsible for all elements hired ( both the vehicle and equipment).

The equipment hired with the vehicle is not insured against theft and in this event will be the responsibility of the client.

All accidents must be declared to the police and to Tawana Self Drive within 24 hours.

The insurance is valid in Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

Assurance pour la location de 4x4 au Botswana

Excess reduction

Clients are able to reduce the amount of excess which will apply. There are 2 possible options :

  • The “Reduced Excess” option : the excess is reduced by half.
  • The “Min Excess” option : the excess is zero. Client don’t pay for damage.

Excess and security deposit

Vehicle Standard excess Reduced excess Min excess “Safari Pack” specific excess
Excess and security deposit
Excess and security deposit
Security deposit Excess Excess and security deposit
Rav4 BWP 8000 BWP 4000 BWP 2000 0 X
Prado BWP 16000 BWP 8000 BWP 3500 0 X
Hilux BWP 16000 BWP 8000 BWP 2000 0 X
Land Cruiser BWP 36000 BWP 16000 BWP 3500 0 X
Tariff Included 10 to 28 € / day
25 to 42 € / day
(Tariffs of services due in advance are displayed in euros. Tariffs charged locally are display in local currency (Botswana Pula))

The security deposit is payable on the spot, in local currency (the Botswana pula) by credit card.

Important : please check that your credit limit is sufficient. If your bank refuses the transaction, the hired vehicle couldn’t be acquired.