Our happy selfdrivers

Anne-Françoise and Pierre-Alain

Switzerland, November 2018, Camping fully equipped Hilux


Wonderful experience! After Namibia, we wanted to relive an adventure among wild animals. In talking with friends who were returning from Botswana, we decided for this country.

Internet searches began. We already had a route idea, so we had to rent a 4 × 4 vehicle and preferably a Toyota Hilux with a rooftop tent and book the campsites. While searching on the net, we discovered the website of Julie and Vincent and thanks to them our trip took shape. They gave us very good advice, while letting us organize our trip to our liking.

It was a fabulous discovery to live in the middle of this fauna, to drive on the sand for hours without crossing anyone else. What a surprise to wake up in the middle of the night hearing noises and discovering hippopotamuses grazing next to us, or when we relax at the campsite to see elephants passing a few meters from us.

This experience allows you to forget the everyday life and the connected world. We certainly empty our head and we take full advantage of this simple life in the middle of nature and exceptional wildlife.

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