How to book permit and campsites at Botswana’s national parks?

Park Fees

Park fees can be paid in cash at the gate to Department of Wildlife and National Parks. Rates are per person, per vehicle and per day.

Parks and Reserves International Vehicle
All parks and reserves except Kgalagadi TP Adult: BWP 120
Child: BWP 60
Botswana registration: BWP 10
Foreigner registration: BWP 50
Khama Rhino Sanctuary * BWP 100 International: BWP 120
Lekhubu Island * With camping: BWP 55
Day visitor: BWP 75
Kgalagadi TP BWP 20 BWP 4
Tsodilo Hills BWP 82 X

* The 12% governement tax may apply.

Park fees are free for children under 8. 50% usually apply for children under 16.

National parks campsites booking

Since 2009, most of the campsites are run by private operators and few are still managed by the DWNP. It is essential that advance reservations should be made for camping sites, directly to each operator by email or by phone.

Rates are per person and per night

Campsites Operator International


Ihaha ** Kwalate Safaris USD 40
Savuti ** SKL USD 50
Linyanti ** SKL USD 50


Third Bridge Xomae USD 50
Wilderness Islands Xomae USD 85
Khwai ** SKL USD 50
Xakanaxa ** Kwalate Safaris USD 40
South Gate ** Kwalate Safaris USD 40
Khwai Community Khwai Dvpt Trust BWP 350


South Camp Xomae USD 38
Baines Baobab Xomae USD 50


Khumaga ** SKL USD 50
Autre campsites *** DWNP BWP 30


Passarge Pan * Bigfoot Tours BWP 350
Sunday Pan * Bigfoot Tours BWP 350
Lekhubu Pan * Bigfoot Tours BWP 350
Letiahau * Bigfoot Tours BWP 350
Piper Pan * Bigfoot Tours BWP 350
Motopi * Bigfoot Tours BWP 350
Autres campsites *** DWNP BWP 30


Khutse Pan * Bigfoot Tours BWP 350
Mahurushele pan * Bigfoot Tours BWP 350
Molose Pan * Bigfoot Tours BWP 350
Moreswe Pan * Bigfoot Tours BWP 350
Khankhe Pan * Bigfoot Tours BWP 350


Campsites * / ** Gaing-O Community Trust BWP 150


Campsites ** Khama Sanctuary BWP 120


Mabuasehube Pan Inter-Tourism Group USD 35
Mpayathuthwa Inter-Tourism Group USD 35
Tous campsites DWNP BWP 30
Wilderness Trail DWNP BWP 200


Dibungu / Mopororo On arrival BWP 180

* 12% tax not included ** Bed Levy not included: BWP 10 per person and per night
*** CKGR : Matswere Gate, Tsau Gate, Xade Gate, Xaka, Kori, Deception, San et Phokoje Pans
Makgadikgadi NP : Ncuja Hills, Tree Island

Campsites are free for children under 8. 50% may apply for children under 16.

Check out the campsite number you wish to get!

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