Join our happy selfdrivers community!2018-09-24T18:34:57+02:00

Join our happy selfdrivers community!

They enjoyed their self-drive trip in Botswana and Southern Africa.

Follow our happy selfdrivers on the tracks and get inspired by their stories!

Florence and Nicolas

Watching the African wildlife at close range without a mass of tourists around is a unique privilege still accessible in Botswana!

Rose and Stephane

A big thank you to Julie and Vincent for their welcome, their availability and their valuable advice. We will come back!

Lindy, Joe, Amy and Rachel

Vincent & Julie were instrumental in making sure all our arrangements ran smoothly & according to plan.


Vincent and his team made my Botswana adventure perfect!

Chantal and Chloé

My daughter and I had 10 amazing days! We experienced so many compellingly moving moments!

Byron and Matt

We couldn't be more happy with our wildlife experiences and with the service from Tawana Self Drive. It was truly an experience we will never forget and I could not recommend self-driving more!

Our selfdrivers favorite campsites in  2018