Our happy selfdrivers

René, Nadine, Céline, Arnaud, Merlin & Jocelyn

France, October-November 2018, Camping fully equipped Hilux


Visiting Botswana is nice but going on a family self-drive safari is a great adventure! Who are we? Nadine and René, about sixty, sedentary, Céline and Arnaud, in their thirties, and Merlin and Jocelyn, 7 and 5 years old, our four globetrotters.

We decided to call on Tawana Self Drive to organize our trip. It’s a local but French 4×4 rentals company and we wanted to have an interlocutor who knew the country perfectly.

We arrived in Gaborone at the end of October 2018 to join our children and grandchildren.

Ending a trip to South Africa on a serious mechanical problem, they had to drop off their car in Pretoria. As soon as we landed in Botswana, we asked Tawana Self Drive for their help and Vincent and Julie were there, sorting out every issues we had! Our previous email contacts were fast and efficient, but here we were in a hurry!

So here we go for 15 days to 6 in the same vehicle. The road book on the dashboard, binoculars and camera at your fingertips, and our 6 pairs of wide-eyed eyes opened!

Driving on this wild country requires a good preparation and a sustained attention. For the preparation, the advice of Julie and Vincent and the very detailed documentation were our breadcrumb. On route, Whatapp was the best way to communicate as soon as wifi is available.

We wanted to see everything in 15 days! Julie and Vincent have met our expectations despite a tight budget. From the rental of 4 × 4 fully equipped to booking campsites, through the safety tips and driving, they have managed everything, and the result is a journey of dreams!

From Goo-Moremi Gorge to Victoria Falls, from the rhinos at Khama Sanctuary to the lions at Savuti, from the birds of Nata to the millenium baobabs at Kubu… There are no limits!

So thank you, THANK YOU, Julie and Vincent! Thank you for sharing a beer by the fire in Kasane as well! It’s been a month since we came back, and our eyes are still shining!

Botswana is a brilliant country that you love, and you have made us discover it.

This trip will remain in our memories and in our hearts as the most beautiful and the most magical ever.

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