Security and assistance

Vehicles maintenance

Our vehicles are regularly checked and serviced after each hire : oil levels, tyre pressure and condition, vehicle component tightening, seatbelt condition and brakes are all checked.

During hire the vehicles can be driven hard and may suffer shocks and vibrations. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that regular checks are made on the vehicle:

  • Check the state of the tyres each day
  • Check the tyre pressure before each long journey and / or every 500 km
  • Check the levels of oil and water daily: the engine, brakes, power steering and coolant

Security equipment

All our vehicles are equipped with 2 safety triangles, 2 safety jackets, a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit.

Satellite phone

Botswana, like all bordering countries, does not have cellphone/mobile phone coverage in all areas, particularly in the National Parks and Game Reserves.

In these conditions, and in the event of an emergency, a satellite phone will be needed to call for help or assistance.

We provide satellite phones made by Inmarsat or Iridium which cover all of southern Africa. They are included with all vehicle hires (except the Rav4).

Emergency medical help

Okavango Air Rescue is a helicopter rescue service for medical emergencies. With just one call, OAR will send helicopter for medical help and to transport the injured to an equipped medical facility. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tawana Self Drive is a proud member of the Okavango Air Rescue program and invite their clients to support it when hiring a vehicle.

Subscription is personalised, valid for 1 year and gives you the right to 1 free call-out.

Okavango Air Rescue can be reached :

  • by cellphone/mobile phone on 995
  • by satellite phone on +267 686 15 06

For all terms and conditions please consult the official site or contact us.