Clementine and Valentin

An unforgettable honeymoon thanks to Julie and Vincent!

What could be better than to be only the two of us during a road trip with a fully equipped 4×4?
What could be more romantic than a dinner by the fire, in the sweet smell of braai and under the stars of the desert?
What could be more fascinating than a sunrise watching 2 lions that we managed to find by our own by getting up at dawn as soon as we heard their roars?
What’s more beautiful than the shape of 2 giraffes that stand out in the setting sun?
What could be more impressive than a troop of elephants blocking us on our track?
What could be more pleasant than a Saint Louis beer coming out of the fridge at noon under the trees of the camp?

Botswana allows all this and much more!

Julie and Vincent advised us a lot to prepare our trip, to help us evaluate the distances and to contain our enthusiasm (we really wanted to see everything!).

Thanks to them, we met each other again, completely cut off from the world, in the middle of magnificent landscapes (more sunsets, please!!), just surrounded by the wildlife of Africa…


France, May 2019, Camping fully equipped Nissan