Our happy selfdrivers

Mark, Andy, Chris and Steve

United Kingdom, January 2020, 2 camping fully equipped Land Cruisers


An amazing adventure once again!, put together by Vincent, Julie, Bame and the team at Tawana! We can’t thank them enough!

We rented two Landcruiser trucks which were perfect, and essential at this time of year! The tracks can become very muddy!

We met a poor French guy and his girlfriend at Southgate (Moremi) who had been stuck on the track to Third Bridge for Three days! They’d rented a smaller 4×4 from one of the bigger rental companies, that didn’t even have decent off road tyres! Luckily for them, (as it is very quiet this time of year) a local guy stumbled across them and they were rescued! Don’t take the chance! Take the Landcruiser in the rainy season!

This time around, after travelling southern Africa since 2007, we got to see Wild Dogs (Painted Dog) such a privilege! And for me personally was a lifelong goal! A massive thrill!

Thank you all at Tawana, for once again putting together a wonderful and life changing trip!

Every time I leave Africa, I leave a little piece of my heart behind!

See you all next year!

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