Olivier, Christine, Anna and Charlotte

“Botswana was a dream …”

After a warm welcome from Julie and Vincent as well as an essential training to learn how to drive in the deep sand, we began our journey with serenity.

Self driving on sandy tracks was a successful first experience. We discovered at our own pace some of the rich wildlife of Botswana but also beautiful landscapes … Sunsets and sunrises were just amazing! We really felt to be alone in the world. Supplying was the only occasion to meet the very welcoming people of Botswana.

Our girls loved this little taste of adventure and freedom, and particularly these great encounters with animals, just for us! Of course, none of this would have been possible without the indispensable logistic support of Tawana.

Many thanks to you and see you next time!

France, August 2019, Camping fully equipped Land Cruiser