Our happy selfdrivers

Yann, Caroline, Ines, Andrea and Simon

France, August 2019, Camping fully equipped Hilux


Botswana is a wild country with beautiful landscapes. Self driving there means to be immersed 100% of your time in this incredible nature, to live close to wild animals without having the sensation of disturbing them. Self driving is travelling with the essentials which makes us even more free.

We did a 3-week self-drive trip in Botswana. On the menu, most of the nights spent in our fully equipped 4×4 landscaped and a few nights in lodges and bush camps. Julie and Vincent have assisted us during the preparation of this trip, best sand tracks to go depending on season and time of passage, campsites and activities booking, always trying to find a good deal that we would have failed to get on our own.

Self-driving is just fantastic! We are a family of 5 including 3 children and we got no problem at all and so many emotions. Images of animals will remain engraved in our heart!

Thanks again Julie and Vincent for giving us the tools which made this trip unforgettable!

Yann, Caroline, Inès (12 years old), Andréa (10 years old) and Simon (8 years old)

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