Our happy selfdrivers

Melanie and Nicolas

France, August 2019, Camping fully equipped Hilux


“What’s this noise?
– Probably some birds on the tent… But is it possible in the middle of the night?
– No, it’s the wind … Well, I think I can feel the air … »

The first night in the bush makes you come back to chilhood and makes you feel some fears you had as a kid. But all of this disappeared very quickly with laughs and we have learnt to enjoy the sunset on the river, the noise of the hippo or vervets watching you while you do the dishes.

It’s amazing how quickly you reach the end of the day just spending your time to watch wildlife. Lions encounters are memorable but we enjoyed more and more to see a new antelope or any new birds spotted for the first time. No need to mention the elephants who constantly offer photogenic situations!

This was our third self-drive trip in southern Africa and we don’t understand why we didn’t choose camping before! For our futur trips, we will surely return to Botswana or to the surrounding countries and we will go again with a camping fully equipped vehicle which has a real taste of adventure so close to the wildlife!

Thanks for the help of Julie, Vincent and Sami!

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